QuestionsCategory: Search Engine MarketingWhat is the meaning of SERP volatility?
Rajeev asked 2 years ago
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Monika answered 2 years ago

In SEO world, SERP volatility refers to Search Engine Rank Page (SERP) Volatility is constant changes in the position of website ranking in Google’s result pages. You can notice a fluctuation in your website keyword ranking, whenever there are any algorithm changes in Google. This fluctuation in website ranking is called SERP Volatility. These changes can significantly affect your organic search traffic. You can use some tools to keep eyes on SERP volatility like:

1. Accuranker’s Google Grump: It is a free SERP volatility tool developed by Accuranker. The grumpier Google is deemed to be, the greater the fluctuations in the rankings. The tool’s intuitive interface gives daily updates and allows you to segment data by time. Google Grump also helpfully displays a ‘G’ symbol above the graph whenever Accuranker is aware of an impending Google algorithm update. Here data is available for both desktop and mobile search results.
2. Algoroo: Algoroo’s SERP flux metric is known as ‘roo’. Roo is calculated by adding together positive and negative movements for specific keywords in the SERPs. The higher the roo value, the higher the level of volatility. Whenever Google announces an internal update or algorithm change, an annotation is displayed on the daily roo graph. Tracking SERP volatility for and only, Algoroo offers a few interesting features, such as listing weekly ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, and giving examples of the webpages most affected by SERP volatility each week.
3. Mangools: Mangools’ SERP volatility index tracks global changes daily, and is most useful for giving insights into the percentage of keywords with stable rankings compared with the previous day. The tool includes almost 2 million keywords, and breaks down flux data for both desktop and mobile search results. The free version of the tool allows you to view daily data for the last 30 days. 

If you are looking for more important tools or wants to know more about SERP Volatility, read our blog 5 free tools to monitor Google’s Volatility

David answered 3 months ago

I checked new SERP reporting tool for a german long tail keywods “Anwalt für Lkw-Unfälle” which means truck accident lawyer and SERP volability is 22% but for the same keywords but in Brazilian Portugese – advogado de acidente de caminhão equals 47%. Check how fast SERP volatlilty is changing

“Jun 07 2022”, “26”
“Jun 08 2022”, “41”
“Jun 09 2022”, “61”
“Jun 10 2022”, “50”
“Jun 11 2022”, “28”
“Jun 12 2022”, “28”
“Jun 13 2022”, “22”
“Jun 14 2022”, “34”
“Jun 15 2022”, “16”
“Jun 16 2022”, “30”
“Jun 17 2022”, “31”
“Jun 18 2022”, “29”
“Jun 19 2022”, “42”
“Jun 20 2022”, “42”


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