10 reasons your lead generation strategy is failing

lead generation strategy

Lead generation is one of the most top priorities for any B2B businesses that want to grow. And to generate leads, companies invest heavily in order to get information about people that could eventually turn into potential customers. In digital marketing, lead generation takes place via filling up an online form, or recommendation from family […]

What are the limitations of social media marketing, how to recover?

limitations of social media marketing

Social media – one of the buzz word in digital marketing. Today, businesses and marketers are utilizing social media platforms to boost their marketing in this digital world. The shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing can be seen clearly throughout the past decade. The main focus of marketers is to get customers to their […]

The online video marketing statistics for 2020

online video marketing statistics

Video is becoming the most crucial tool in digital marketing. You can say, video marketing is continually growing in popularity. Now marketers are focusing on producing more marketing videos than textual content. The interesting thing is, as a visual species, humans find videos more engaging, interactive and popular, than any other type of content. Today […]

How to set social media budget for your business?

social media budget

For every online marketer or business, setting up your social media budget for advertisement is a kind of challenge. Whether you’re a novice in social media campaign or veteran or experienced one, you always have queries or questions to answer, from how much you should expend to and where you should expend it. Do you […]